Update on Covid-19: With the limitations brought by Covid-19 Franklin County Beekeepers Association will be hosting virtual monthly beekeeping meetings. Joint virtual meetings with the New England Beekeepers Coalition are being developed. We will keep you informed.

Greenfield Bee Festival

Bees can only flourish when associated in large numbers, as in a colony. LL Langstroth

Langstroth Bee FestivalFinding the Queen!FCBA partners with the educational and charming Greenfield Bee Festival held each spring at the Second Congregational Church in Greenfield to honor Reverend Lorenzo Langstroth, “The Father of Modern Beekeeping”.

In 1839, Langstroth moved to Greenfield to become a school Headmaster. In 1843, he was installed as pastor of the Second Congregational Church. Langstroth developed the moveable frame beehive and in 1852 he was granted the patent on the “Langstroth Hive”. In 1853, Langstroth wrote the instructional beekeeping manual “The Hive and the Honey Bee" which was first published in Northampton, MA.

Langstroth Bee Festival2