In 2017 the Franklin County Beekeepers Association inaugurated its annual “Bee Space” award as a way of both identifying and celebrating pollinator gardens around Franklin county. This award annually honors Lorenzo Langstroth, considered to be the founder of modern beekeeping, and who in the mid-1840s was pastor of the Second Congregational Church in Greenfield.

FCBA welcomes your entry in our Bee Spaces Pollinator Garden contest. The application process is now open for next spring. Gardens should be in either Franklin or Hampshire counties. Judging will go on throughout the spring and summer months so submit your application now and include the best time for our judges to review your pollinator garden. We will contact you and arrange a convenient time to visit.

The Bee Space award is a beautiful ceramic and wood plaque that is meant to be displayed on the front of your home or business showing that you care about our pollinators.